Dominion Opal Mines of Virgin Valley Nevada


Home of the world-famousVirgin Valley Black Fire Opal & source of the world's finest Opal Specimens and opal collector gems.
 Several mines are open to rockhounds for fee digging of  precious black, crystal, fire, and other opal types. Opal Gem Mines & Mining Claims for sale.  Links to the Royal Peacock, Rainbow Ridge and Bonanza Opal Mines Fee Digs with information on the Virgin Valley Opal and Mines.  DOMINION OPAL MINES  is a private group of claims and mines which is not open to the public but we provide info on the public opal mines and fee digs.  There are opal mines and mining claims for sale in Virgin Valley, Nevada.

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Virgin Valley Opal and Opals for sale
Swordfish Mining John Church Virgin Valley Opal CLAIMJUMPING THEFT AND FRAUD
opal mines and mining claims for sale in Virgin Valley Nevada

  THANKS FOR VISITING.... Dominion Opal Mines Virgin Valley Nevada Opal Mines and Mining Claims for Sale  

       My Dominion/WRT claims are NOT open to public collecting, digging, touring, rockhounding, leasing or sale. Mineral trespass will be dealt with both criminally and civilly.  I have agents who monitor the claims. JOHN CHURCH OF SWORDFISH MINING DOES NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO CHARGE YOU A FEE OR GIVE YOU A 'TOUR" OF MY CLAIMS OR TO DIG ON MY CLAIMS-- THIS INCLUDES  MY CLAIM WHICH HAS THE HUGE PETRIFIED LOG OR TREE KNOWN AS THE STONE TREE IN VIRGIN VALLEY.....  AND IF HE DOES OR OFFERS TO PLEASE NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY!!!   He removes my claim posts so that he can "try" to dig there illegally and steal from me.  He has no rights to MY claims whatsoever!!!  IF you see any of this activity by John Church or anyone else, please do 3-4 things: (1) CONTACT ME with details; (2) CONTACT US Fish & Wildlife Ranger in Virgin Valley with details; and (3) CONTACT and report details to the HUMBOLDT COUNTY SHERIFF in Winnemucca, Nevada; (4) get photos and videos if you can and forward them to all of us.   THANK YOU!!!! 

 My remaining 3 claims in the WRT/Stonetree/Dominion Opal Group are not for sale and are being privately worked.  I have agents who dig on the claims each year performing work and mining opals.  The opals are brought back to South Dakota for processing and sales.  All sales and business is conducted in the state of South Dakota.
      To report mineral trespass, illegal guiding/touring on,  theft, or damage to my claim properties, or to contact me about other issues affecting or regarding the claims, please CONTACT ME at the following:

AL WENTZELL, sole owner
tel:  605-881-0626


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