Dominion Opal Mines of Virgin Valley Nevada


Home of the world-famousVirgin Valley Black Fire Opal & source of the world's finest Opal Specimens and opal collector gems.
 Several mines are open to rockhounds for fee digging of  precious black, crystal, fire, and other opal types. Opal Gem Mines & Mining Claims for sale.  Links to the Royal Peacock, Rainbow Ridge and Bonanza Opal Mines Fee Digs with information on the Virgin Valley Opal and Mines.  DOMINION OPAL MINES  is a private group of claims and mines which is not open to the public but we provide info on the public opal mines and fee digs.  There are opal mines and mining claims for sale in Virgin Valley, Nevada.

LEAH BRASHEAR, The Modern-Day Opal Queen

Leah was the modern-day Flora Lockheed.  She first came to the valley in the mid 1970's with her family who had already established "claims" here many years before.  My son was friends and partners with her for a small period of time from 1994-1995 and by invitation dug with Leah on their family's group of placer claims around the Stonetree and they (along with Mike Ford "TC", Leah's boyfriend at the time),  staked a few claims together including the Toni Fire Opal Mine (now known as the Kaleidoscope Fire Mine under different ownership).  Leah, Chris, TC and a few others also formed the VIRGIN VALLEY OPAL MINER'S CO-OP in 1995.  She loved people and had a gift for being able to find opal.  Leah partnered up with John Church of "Swordfish Mining" from about 1996-2005.  After a breakup with John Church and split with Swordfish Mining due to John Church's lies, she became partners with Mr. Diebler in the fall of 2005.  She unfortunately left this planet far too early as she died in a tragic "accident" south of Denio in October 2005 shortly after breaking up with John Church and staking claims with her new partner, Mr Diebler, who also died in the same accident.  Leah was a loving kind person who was unfortunately mistreated and mislead and taken advantage of by the evil of others.  My son likes to call Leah "The Rainbow of the Valley"  and he is sad that they were never able to talk things out. 



Flora came to Virgin Valley in 1916 to write an article for a newspaper in San Francisco about the opal mines. She became enthralled by the opals, and bought many claims and located her own, and helped form the Rainbow Ridge Mining Company.  From the time she first visited the valley she was involved with it until the day she died, and she was known to have selected the richest ground in the valley and had the best 10 mine groups in the valley.  She passed away in 1943 never having realized her full dream of uniting all of the mines and working them under one management.  She is known today as the "Opal Queen" of the Valley, and her spirit and independence still survives there today through others.

The People of Virgin Valley: A Memorial and Tribute to those gone, those still with us, and those to come.

As with each mining district, the Virgin Valley Opal fields have had many individuals involved with the opals and mines and have made Virgin Valley what it is.  Without these people, Virgin Valley would not be the wonderful place it is today with all the great memories and the people behind those memories.  This page is a memorial and tribute dedicated to those special people in the valley, some gone, some still with us, and many more yet to come.

this page is under construction and will be updated over the next couple of months.






FLora Lockheed


(roebling discoverer)

George Hill


Mark Foster

Opal Shorty


The Wilsons (Harry & Mabel; HB & Joy)

The Hodsons (Keith & Agnes)

Ed & Louise Mitchell

George Hewitt

Bill Kelley

Slim Houck

The Greenstreets

Leah Brashear

Phil Brown

Lloyd Olds & Dick Leger

Larry Olds

Larry Stenstad

Jack Harrelson

Bob & Pat Kleinschmidt

Gene Sharp

Bob Hallahan

USFWS, rangers

Chris Wentzell

John Church  

Tim & Donna Church KOKOPELLI

THOSE YET TO COME.......  The future of Virgin Valley is in your hands, please guard it, take care of it, love it.  The Valley will see more wonderful times....